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REGmls is not just about Real Estate in Georgia nor is it just another ordinary listing service. Our goal is to make your business work easily and efficiently. If you sometimes feel like you are part of a “rat race” control group, that your hands are tied, that you are just not seeing enough market share for the time and effort you expend, then please take a moment to read further.

For example, have you ever found yourself unable to access a property because the company granting access to the lockbox is in contract with your MLS and they discover you have a past due invoice with them? Or, have you ever shown up at a door with your client, only to discover you have no cellular signal or that your one bar is not enough to open the box? With REGmls issue SOLVED!

How is REGmls different? To begin with, our operational model is based on PEOPLE, NOT PROFITS for ourselves. Hence, we do not sell the data our members provide to giant media houses who turn around and sell the data back to the agents at astronomical prices. Also, a percentage of your yearly dues goes toward putting a dent into homelessness.

We serve all agents and brokers in all 159 counties in the state of Georgia. Moreover, we are the best choice for information exchange that allows real estate professionals, buyers, sellers, lenders and other industry related professionals to network under the same platform. We also have a feature especially designed to reach prospective buyers who currently live outside the state of Georgia.

What we offer could easily sell for $199 per month. However, since PROFIT is not our goal, we have designed a system that allows members to reap the benefits of this innovation in software design by entering their listings ABSOLUTELY FREE. For example, REGmls does not charge an initiation fee. Furthermore, there are no monthly office fees to brokerages, or quotas that one must meet yearly. Agents do not pay REGmls any commissions or fees related to their closed transactions.

Our electronic lockbox (keybox) service is required for all our listings. A Lifetime FLAT FEE License can be purchased from the agents store. After 90 days, you may choose to cancel or continue for just $12 monthly or $130 per year. The public always browse for FREE. (limited view)

Brokers decide how much commission to share with cooperative member brokers. There is no arbitration clause. Each member is free to seek his or her own remedy. We do, however, require all members be in full compliance with the state’s Real Estate Commission, practice acceptable/ethical industry standards, refrain from using branded photography, and maintain current data. Log on or download our app today!