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Frequently Asked Questions

An MLS is a marketplace where real estate brokers exchange information about their available properties with other cooperating real estate brokers for a fee/commission. REGmls also has an option to list Assignable Contracts.

Anyone holding a current real estate license in the state of Georgia can become a member. The public has limited browsing access but are not granted membership. Members are not restricted to use only the resources we provide. Hence, agents can use their NAR/GAR forms.

A Qualifying Broker should first request an invitation code here if the company did not already receive one. Upon completion of the registration process, the company and all agents will be granted FREE access to list properties and use the full suite of services. After 1 year FREE access, membership dues become collectible.  An agent for the broker (Salesperson or Associate Broker) must register to have access, agree to the terms and pay their own dues after the trial. The first year is totally FREE. Membership is yearly (12 calendar months), billed monthly.

Yes! REGmls employs numerous strategies and solutions to provide leads to our members on a revolving basis and without guarantee of abilities. There is no additional charge for leads given. With our REGAgentHunt© , lead calls are connected to the first available agent that picks up their phone. With our REGBrokerPool© feature, participating brokerages receive calls on a rotation basis from our mass media advertising.

No. However, in order for member agents to schedule and show your listing via our network, a REGmls keybox is required. With the Lifetime Use License, agents get to keep the box as long as they remain an active agent and a member of REGmls. There is NO MONTHLY fee to access the boxes. You may use another lockbox in conjunction with a REGmls keybox.

No. REGmls does not force members to follow an arbitration clause. However, we do encourage member brokers to be fair and professional in working with each other to settle differences amicably.

Yes. Once your FREE trial period is over, an option will appear in the system for yearly payment which gives a significant discount compared to the monthly dues.